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MD helicopter at sunrise

With a past spanning Boeing, Schweizer, McDonnell Douglas and the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, MD Helicopters has a rich history.

Hughes Aircraft was originally founded in 1947, developing the now widely used civilian 269/300 and 369/500 helicopters before becoming part of MD Helicopters in 1999.

Having secured the rights to the 500 series and NOTAR technology in 2005, MD Helicopters produce a range of high performance helicopters. This includes the 500E, 530F, 520N, 600N and 902 Explorer.
We are New Zealand’s sole authorised service centre for MD Helicopters, as well as being the MD distributor covering New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia in new aircraft sales and parts support.

MD Helicopter in flight
MD Helicopters Services

Part 145 Maintenance

Blades & Composites

Component Repair, Overhaul & Exchange

Airborne Systems

Heavy Maintenance

Engine Overhaul & Repair

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